The CIT Student Council primarily serves the students in CIT! We host fun events, and keep you informed of other fun events on campus. Additionally, we try to get companies to Purdue to conduct talks, and recruit students! To stay updated join our Slack!


Every year, we host two "Meet the Professors" events to make sure that students have a chance to be introduced to the professors in the department outside of class. If you are a professor, and need to reach out to students for any reason (promoting events, research projects...), feel free to email us!


Alumni outreach is a major part of the CIT Student Council duties. We want to make sure that the alumni is involved with Purdue even after they graduate! If you have any questions about getting involved with CIT as an alum, please email us!


Are you a company and want to hold events with our highly sought-after CIT Students? Are you in need of Product Managers, Network Engineers, Cybersecurity Analysts, Software Developers, Information Technology professionals, and so on, email us today to hold an event with us!

Who We Are

The Purdue University CIT Student Council was founded in Spring 2017, and officially began operating in Fall 2017. This is a student council directly under the supervision of Dr. Marcus Rogers, the department head of Computer and Information Technology. All CIT students are members of the council, but it is run by a few board members.

What We Do

Here are some of the things we do:

  • Host fun social events for the CIT students
  • Get companies to hold tech-talks and/or recruiting events on campus
  • Engage alumni after they graduate from Purdue
  • Create a communication channel between Students and Professors
  • Overall, get CIT Students more involved on campus!

Current board

  • "Wireshark capture or it didn't happen!"

    Shivam Trivedi, President
  • Tyler Wasserott, Vice President
  • Matt Thomas, Treasurer
  • Rebecca Schneider, Secretary
  • Sakhi Aggrawal, Representative - General
  • Cory Shearer, Representative - NET
  • Tristin Van Den Bulk, Representative - SAAD
  • John Phan, Representative - Cybersecurity